Digital Re-Opening

You’re starting to re-open, so what’s next? It’s time to get back to business, but you want to be responsible and do it the right way.

That’s where we come in!

You need to get the word out that you are open again and you need to make sure you operate safely and within the rules that have been put forth by the government and department of health. The easiest way to do that is to go digital!

Just think about it – don’t waste paper anymore for temporary information when you can direct people to a specialized landing page so the only thing they touch is their own phone. Combine that with the power of our radio stations and the power of social media to reach potential cusomters and you have a winning combination that will have your business back and booming in no time!

How it works

We'll design a quick and easy landing page for your customers to visit. You'll get a custom domain that will point to the landing page and we will promote that URL through radio and online ads.

We will build your landing page on a CMS platform for easy future editing and use, plus we'll track who visits your site and include an SSL certificate so your customers can browse securely.

QR Code

Save money on printing by letting us design a QR code for your business so customers can find out info on their phones. You can promote a new menu, list of services, collect payment and more without having to waste paper and with no contact!

We will develop decals that you can place around your business with the custom QR code on it for people to scan. The custom code will have your business logo and colors!

Facebook/IG Ads

Get your message out that you are open and promote your newly designed landing page through Facebook/Instagram approved creatives and call-to-actions, tailored to meet your needs.

We find unique profiles specific to your ideal demographics including: age, gender, interests, political affilation, likes, hoobies, careers, etc. After we identify who you want to reach, we write compelling ad copy to encourage an action.

Digital Streaming

Advertising on our stream allows you to reach our most loyal listeners who tune in to our stations online. By adding online streaming, you'll reach our engaged audience everywhere they listen!

Each month, hundreds of thousands of people listen to our stations - make sure to capture the streaming audience as they listen to their daily fix of our trusted personalities like the Jox Roundtable, Steve Harvey Show or Leland Live.

Targeting is available via geography, station format and/or time of day and listeners will hear your ad on the station's website, the station's mobile app, smart speakers, and other radio content apps like iHeartRado and TuneIn.

Sound like a great deal?

Sounds like a cool idea, right? Let us help you get customers back to your business and do so in a safe and responsible way! Simply fill out the form below if you are interested and one of our representatives will be in touch!