Welcome to the EPiC Guarantee! Cumulus Birmingham knows that a coordinated radio and digital campaign uniquely motivates people to take action – and we guarantee our listeners will do just that! Our new EPiC Guarantee delivers you all of the benefits of a coordinated radio and digital campaign PLUS a guaranteed minimum number of Engaged Potential Customers (EPC’s).

It’s simple – if we don’t deliver the EPC’s, we’ll give you free advertising.

How it works

It’s simple – EPC’s are people asking to be your customers! Exposed to your campaign, EPC’s are so interested in what you have to offer that they have filled out a form or called your business. An EPC is a ready-to-go prospect just waiting to be turned into a loyal customer.

We deliver you the engaged potential customer so you can easily convert them into engaged potential customers!

Cumulus Birmingham will create a coordinated radio and digital marketing campaign featuring your “Great Offer” that will drive a guaranteed minimum number of engaged potential customers while building your brand.

The EPiC Guarantee elements include an optimized mix of a customized radio + streaming schedule, digital ads targeted across the internet, social media ads, Google AdWords and search engine/directory listing optimization.

Should we fail to deliver the agreed-upon EPC minimum within the campaign flight, you will receive FREE advertising!

Simply turn our EPC’s into your customers!

Sound like a great deal?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Let us help you get guaranteed engaged potential customers! All that’s left now is to decide how many EPC’s you want!

Send your info and one of our consultants will reach out. Let us set you up to collect engaged potential customers so you can make them your engaged potential customer!