Facebook / Instagram Marketing

The number of Facebook advertisers continues to grow each day, with over 7 million different businesses advertising on the platform. With the platform’s wide variety of ad formats and audience targeting options, there is no shortage of possibilities to show your preferred ad to the exact user you aim to convert into a customer. Cumulus can craft a custom campaign to get positive results and an improved return on your investment!

Did you know?

Instagram is one of the 30 biggest sites on the internet according to Alexa, and is the 4th most downloaded mobile app of the last decade. It’s also the most logged into social media site for daily use after Facebook. There are over 116 million users on Instagram in the USA alone, which means over 1 in 3 people are on the platform in some way.

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion – so when you advertise on Facebook, you are also advertising on Instagram! One ad can be seen on a user’s Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, Facebook marketplace, Facebook messenger, Facebook stories, Instagram stories and more. It will also be seen across all devices! We can also tailor where ads appear and serve different ads to different places and devices depending on who is using them!

What To Expect

Want to advertise on Facebook or Instagram? These are much more visual mediums compared to standard display ads, and much more information can be shared. therefore most industries typically get higher click-through rates on through Facebook advertising (0.90% on average) compared to Google’s Display Network (0.50% on average). Facebook campaigns can also have many different objectives such as brand awareness, reach, lead generation, video views and more.

Here are the current benchmarks for Facebook advertising so you can get a feel for how your industry would perform:

How We Target

In order to properly reach the right potential customers, we build an “audience” on Facebook and then build this audience using hundreds of different methods to target people and place them in that custom audience. We can target people by methods such as location, demographics, interests, engagement, partner connections outside of Facebook and more.

With this, we will work with Facebook to optimize your audience for you and use all of the options above to zero in on an audience that works for your business.

Here is a sample on how we might target for a gym:

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